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New Mexico CBD

New Mexico CBD

Our Mission

Is to produce 100% New Mexico grown and manufactured high-quality, all-natural CBD products that improve quality of life for our customers.

About Us

Enchantment Hemp Farms produces high-quality, organically grown CBD products.  Run by family and friends, alongside experts in the field of agriculture and hemp production, Enchantment Hemp Farms aspires to be the preeminent hemp farm in New Mexico, focusing on sustainability, social responsibility and products that surpass current expectations and standards.

Welcome to the Farm

We personally grow the hemp biomass that we then refine into our unique CBD Oils, CBD Tinctures, and CBD edibles (like Chocolate and Gummies).  We take pride in our quality CBD products, and that pride comes from optimizing every step of the process, from seed to harvest to production.  When you use our CBD oils, tinctures, or edibles, you know you’re getting the best quality.

We also take pride in our New Mexico heritage. Our hemp was grown at McCall’s Farm in Moriarty, NM, and our oil is extracted and our products are produced in Albuquerque, NM. Our goal is to bring you a true New Mexican quality product.